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If you still have time, you can choose to go to Huangshizhai. The attractions here are very concentrated, especially the top of Huangshizhai is open and flat, surrounded by cliffs and is the largest volley viewing platform in Zhangjiajie. Huangshizhai has two walking hiking routes in the north and south, or a 10-minute cable car ride to the top.
Next you can choose to go to Yuanjiajie. It is a mountain high platform, where the trees are flourishing and the fog is filled, known as the mysterious "Pandora World". The most famous attraction is the location of the floating mountain "Hallelujah Mountain" in the movie "Avatar" - the Qiankun column.
Tianmenshan National Forest Pa
First of all, you can go to Tianmenshan National Forest Park. Tianmen Mountain is named after the natural wonder "Tianmen Cave". When visiting Tianmen Mountain, you can overlook the foot of the mountain in the cable car. Tianmen Mountain has three tour routes to choose from, all of which are classic views of the scenic spot.
Golden Whip Creek
Then you can choose to go to Golden Whip Creek. The line along the Golden Whip Creek is the most beautiful boundary of Wulingyuan. It runs through the peaks and valleys, and the stream is clear and sloppy. The small fish swims among them. Known as "one of the most beautiful canyons in the world."
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