Call for papers
Topics include but are not limited to:

Electronic engineering
Communication engineering
Semiconductor science and information
Integrated circuit design and systems integration
Microelectronics science and engineering
Audiovisual and multimedia
Digital media technology
Mobile network engineering
5G communication technology
Blockchain technology
Mobile intelligent information system
Development and application of mobile internet based system
Wireless sensor network
Signal detection and processing
Positioning science and application
Electromagnetic fields and wireless technology
Network security and system security
Introduction to the internet of things
Internet of Things networking technology
Automated control technology
Embedded system and chip design
Radio wave propagation and antenna
Radio and space science
Signal and information processing technology
Photoelectric information science and technology
System analysis and integration
Space detection and information processing technology
Electronic information science and technology
Signal and information processing technology
Database development
Network database and data mining
Big data analysis and application
Cloud computing and big data security
Big data and intelligent computing
Big data mining and management technology
Intelligent computing and applications
Artificial intelligence theory and application
Business intelligence and data warehouse
Machine learning and data modeling in a cluster environment
Computer science and information system
Software engineering
Information engineering
Information security engineering
computer engineering
Computer application technology
Computer graphics and simulation
Pattern recognition and intelligent system
Image analysis technology and feature extraction
Machine vision
Pattern recognition and decision support system

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